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Knoxville Gold Buyers Pays Cash for Gold and Silver

We Pay Top Dollar for Gold & Sterling Silver

Knoxville Gold Buyers pays top dollar for karat fine gold and sterling silver. We buy your old, broken, or worn out gold or sterling necklaces, coins, earrings, rings, and more!

Many people have no idea that their high school class ring sitting in a drawer for the past 25 years may be worth more now than when they purchased it. That’s right. Convert that ring into dollars and put it in your pocket instead of wasting away in a drawer.

Concerned that your gold is only 10 karats and may not be worth much? Don’t be fooled. Many 10k items are larger and heavier than some 24k pieces and can be worth more because of the weight.

Knoxville Gold Buyers can evaluate your gold to determine its karat weight and how much it weighs in grams. Then we can tell you how much it is worth and make you an offer. You’ve put it off long enough, haven’t you? Stop by and let us put money in your pocket.

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