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You probably have questions about selling gold and silver. Bob Craig answers many of the frequently asked questions (FAQ) here. Bob wants you to understand the process, because the more you know, the better your decisions will be when you get ready to sell. If you have a question that is not answered here, call Bob directly at (865) 773-7167 and he will do his best to answer.

1. How do I know I am getting the best deal when I come to Knoxville Gold Buyers?

We invite you to visit other gold buyers first, then come to us. We will beat any legitimate same day written offer.

2. What does Knoxville Gold Buyers buy?

We purchase gold that is karat fine. This includes 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, 22kt, and 24kt gold. We also offer cash for sterling silver, platinum, and palladium items as well.

3. What type items can I expect to sell at Knoxville Gold Buyers?

We purchase rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, dental gold, pins, coins, bullion, bars, and just about anything we can determine to be made of karat fine gold, sterling silver, platinum or palladium.

4. What kind of silver do you purchase?

All types of solid sterling and silver items including flatware, serving sets, all types of jewelry, coins, bullion and bars. We DO NOT purchase silver plated items. However, Powell Auction & Realty may be interested in selling your goods upon evaluation.

5. Do the items I bring to Knoxville Gold Buyers need to be in good condition in order for you to buy them?

No, we purchase broken items the same as those in perfect condition.

6. What is a typical transaction like?

A customer brings their item(s) to Knoxville Gold Buyers and in the privacy of our offices (and in your presence) we examine your pieces for authenticity and weight.

The value (our offer) is calculated based upon the corresponding market price of metals at the time and the weight of the item(s).

The customer either accepts or rejects the offer for the goods.

If the customer elects to sell the goods he/she must provide photo ID (which would be copied by the employee) as well as sign an acknowledgment that he/she is the owner of the goods and thereby has the right to sell.

After producing the appropriate identification and executing an acknowledgment, we conclude the transaction with payment on the spot.

7. Can I just drop by your office without an appointment?

No. You need to call and make an appointment. Bob is frequently out of the office working with estate sales or other meetings. However, Bob is in the office regularly and will invite you to come in immediately if he is there. If he is out of the office, you don’t want to waste a trip.

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