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Knoxville Gold Buyers Pays Cash for Gold and Silver

We Pay Top Dollar for Gold & Sterling Silver

Knoxville Gold Buyers pays top dollar for karat fine gold and sterling silver. We buy your old, broken, or worn out gold or sterling necklaces, coins, earrings, rings, and more!

Many people have no idea that their high school class ring sitting in a drawer for the past 25 years may be worth more now than when they purchased it. That’s right. Convert that ring into dollars and put it in your pocket instead of wasting away in a drawer.

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Knoxville Gold Buyers | We Buy Gold & Silver Coins

Sell Your Gold and Silver Coins

Knoxville Gold Buyers pays the highest price for your gold and silver coins. Sell your gold and silver coins for what they are worth. Don’t be short changed. Millions of dollars worth of gold and silver coins are hidden away in drawers, jars, and old tins, because people just don’t know what to do with them.

For example, you may have an old silver dollar in your possession. Did you know that a silver dollar is worth more than the face value of a dollar? Why is this true?

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Knoxville Gold Buyers | Receive Bonus Dollars | Mention This Ad

Bonus Payout for Scrap Gold or Silver

Would you like to receive a bonus when you sell your scrap gold or silver? Knoxville Gold Buyers will pay you a bonus for scrap gold or silver when you mention this ad. Knoxville Gold Buyers already promises to pay the most dollars for your gold and silver, but mention this ad and you will get even more. 

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Does your jewelry drawer look like this?

Does Your Jewelry Drawer Look Like This?

If you have a jewelry box or drawer that looks anything like the one in the picture, you may be surprised to learn how much extra money you could have, TODAY, by selling your gold and silver to us!

Knoxville Gold Buyers is happy to sort through your jewelry and determine its scrap value. We can even make you an offer on the spot, unless you have a large pile to go through, which can take a little time.

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